Pastel Sand Assorted Colours 8x350g Shakers

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Pastel Sand Assorted Colours 8x350g Shakers

Pastel Sand Assorted Colours 8x350g Shakers

Versatile, brightly coloured sand designed for arts and crafts use. We use only the finest grade sand with fantastic colour strength properties. The sand particles we use are characterised by excellent lightfastness, therefore the dye does not rub off onto your hands as is common with lower quality coloured sands. Ideal for collage, creating textured effects and due to its tactile nature is an ideal creative material for the visually-impaired. Use in conjunction with Brian Clegg PVA glue/medium or even mix with our Ready Mixed/ Acrylic Paint to give interesting textured paint effects.

  • Available in a wide range of bright colours
  • Good fastness to the sand particle
  • Tactile Properties
  • Can be used with Brian Clegg PVA 
  • Versatile and excellent for collage projects
  • Great colour strength
  • Ideal for textured effects and creative material for the visually-impaired
  • Easily cleaned up

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