Cray-Pas Expressionist Set 50 Oil Pastels

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Cray-Pas Expressionist Set 50 Oil Pastels

Cray-Pas Expressionist Set 50 Oil Pastels

Expressionist pastels are of the highest quality, silky soft texture, very high pigmentation and larger in size (10mm diameter). This extra fine quality oil pastel is the standard crayon, which all other oil pastels emulate. With Expressionist pastels, it is possible to imitate the effect of oil paint and with extender, it is possible to lighten colours and make them transparent.

  • Soft, coloured oil pastel in intense colours; gluten-free
  • Specially developed as the ideal drawing and colouring material for children from 4 to 10 years old
  • It is easy to mix the colours and to apply several layers of colour on top of each other
  • Colours will not peel, stain or crack
  • Ideal for portraits, landscapes, still-life drawings and abstracts
  • An extensive assortment of colours, 48 different colours available

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