Brian Clegg has manufactured easels for the educational market for over 35 years. Our easels are handmade using high quality parts and materials in our factory in the North West of England.

Our easels are fully compliant with current safety standards. Most of our frames come with a 10 year warranty, enabling our easels to withstand the rigours of the playground year in and year out. Should a part become damaged however, we do provide a spare parts service.

A major benefit of our easels is that they are supplied assembled and ready for play - no complicated and time consuming assembly instructions to follow.

Welcome to Brian Clegg

Incorporated in 1973, based in Rochdale Lancashire and named after its founder, Brian Clegg supplies art and craft products and metal toys into the Educational and Retail markets.

The company has a very strong domestic business and a growing export business. Primarily aimed at the younger user, the bulk of our extensive range of student and hobby products is manufactured at our premises in the North West of England.

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